22 Hilarious Parent-Kid Face Swaps That Will Crack You Up


Have you experienced seeing your photos being laughed at? Sometimes, you have no other choice but to just let them be and cry in the corner. Well, if your mom and dad were like these bully parents who edited baby photos and swapped their kids’ faces with theirs to come up with something enough to make anyone crack up, you’d now be slamming your bedroom doors.

But these photos are not really that bad, and it’s great these babies don’t know what’s really happening at all. But once they grow up and see these photos themselves, no one what they’ll do to exact revenge.

For now, give yourself a break by looking at these pictures before these innocent subjects learn to use the Internet and remove these photos from the Web.

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“Grandma, follow after me”

Baby daddy and daddy baby

A soccer hooligan you don’t want to mess with

“Smile, Daddy, smile”

“Uh, what are you doing inside my coat?”

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