Hilarious Perfectly Timed Photos You Won’t Believe aren’t Photoshopped


A photograph tells a story. But there are some that simply makes you wonder in amazement. These perfectly timed and accidental photos make you look at them twice.

Here are some of the most puzzling and funny perfectly timed photos.

What a perfect pair of legs you have! Wait! What?
A foot for a hand.
How many cars are there?
A new species of flying deer.
Fabulous leg day!
Have you been so sad that you grew another pair of hands to comfort yourself?
Is that a giant ant or a miniature helicopter?
It’s Photoshopped right? Right? No!?
The newest toy for the rich, a flying boat!
Now, that’s how you float!
Hey, girl, you forgot your leg.
A kiss?!
Nice legs.
Having a great hair day!
The baby with the largest feet.
Meet Deerberus, the three-headed deer.
Luke Skywalker wielding a light saber.
The majestic tree-horned deer.

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