15 Hilarious Products From China And Countries That Care Less About Trademarks


They say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” However, there are certain patent lawyers who disagree to this statement. Even if this has been uttered repeatedly by English cleric Charles Calen Colton only during the nineteenth century, patent law has already existed in Greece since 500 BCE. So the rights were only granted for a certain period.

In the current century, the battle between the patent holders and the counterfeiters is still ongoing. Although imitating isn’t really a good idea, the results are just hilarious at times.

If you want a real good laugh, check out these photos:

A lot of hard work must have been put to make Johnnie Worker’s “Red Labial.”

Who knew Microsoft also ventured into the sunscreen industry?

Meet “Specialman”!

Michaelsoft Binbows!

This is pretty convincing!



Did Apple just create an iPhone shoes?

I didn’t know Starbucks changed their name.

Now I’m really confused.

Trying different sectors isn’t really that bad.

I’m going to try this!



Delectable burgers . . . but only for the elite.

Wait, is it me, or it’s really the shoes?

Nailed it!

Puma, sir, not Pimp.

Is it something that you wear or is it something edible?


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