12 Hilarious Texts from Crazy Exes That Can’t Seem to Move On


Have you ever received a text message from your ex out of the blue? Did you wish that you could come up with clever but brutal responses? Take inspiration from these people. These people who got a text message from someone who broke their heart in the past used their creative minds to come up with these cruel replies.

Here are some hilariously brutal text message responses that people sent their ex.

A Picture Worth Three Words

She took the time to write a note and everything . . . who does she think she is! The brutal response is . . . no response at all.


April Fool’s

Well played, ex. Well played.


Atta Girl

It’s time to move on, buddy!



Pressing the send button has never been more satisfactory.






Error Message

Even her phone has become sick of you!




Not Social Media

Now, that’s what you call Gram-Slammed!


Psychic Psycho



This is too cruel!



Space Out

You asked for it!





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