How One Guy’s Marriage Proposal Goes Epically Wrong

How One Guy’s Marriage Proposal Goes Epically Wrong

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Marriage is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated celebrations in a person’s life.

However, before the marriage is the marriage proposal. Marriage proposals can come in so many ways.  Whether it is simple or elaborate, there is no denying that mishaps sometimes make or break certain proposals.

One such example is from an unnamed Romeo from the Dutch town of Ijsselstein. Originally, his plan was to serenade his lovely girlfriend from a crane’s basket before he could pop the big question. What started out as a smooth show goes horribly awry when the crane carrying him crashed over the roof during the middle of his performance.



This unfortunate Romeo was forced to clamber down from the roof for safety.

The huge crane cracked a sizable hole in the neighboring building’s roof that it caused the forced evacuations of the surrounding six flats. Luckily, despite the unfortunate incident, according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, his girlfriend said “yes.”



And, the man reportedly escaped his ordeal with no injuries.

If that was not problematic enough, the unlucky neighbors had to endure more problems as the attempts to remove the crane went terribly wrong when the machine fell again and caused further damaged to the building.



Shortly after being interviewed by the police, the newly engaged couple is now on their way Paris to both celebrate their engagement and to escape their neighbor’s wrath.



Check out how this particular marriage proposal went wrong in the videos below:



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