Karma at the Parking Lot

Karma Strikes Back in the Parking Lot for These Horrible Drivers


If you think dealing with rude motorists is bad enough, try dealing with these hatred inducing individuals who seem to have taken their rudeness out into the parking lot into the next level. And although legally vandalizing someone else’ car is grounds for being called in by authorities; some just have the talent to elude the capture at their hands.

Or do they?

Karma does come in every shape and form. What is even scarier is the fact that it is also present in the parking lot. Here are just some images of selfish and terrible parkers who literally messed with the wrong parking lot.

1.) For emergency use only.

2.) Try getting out of this particular jam.

3.) Bumblebee is not having a good time with this particular ride.

4.) Here is something to celebrate about.

5.) Trash parking anyone?

6.) Aren’t we feeling a bit important?

7.) Sharing is caring.

8.) Looks like everyone is having fun!

9.) It’s all about maximizing space.

10.)  Pretty like a princess!

11.) Best friends forever!

12.) Give this guy a round of applause.

13.) Someone needs to do remedial classes on driver’s ed.

14.) Going somewhere?

15) Need some clear wrap?

King of the road? Meet the individuals who are also king or queen of the parking lot.

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