Kids React Over 90s Technology …Classic Walkman is a Dinosaur Now


The latest Kids React video from The Fine Brothers will make you feel old. The younger generation takes on outdated technology like cassette tapes and Walkmans. If you are of a particular age, you will remember vividly listening to your favorite music on your cassette tapes, and you will also remember the portable Walkman player that was very cool when it first came out in the market.

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In the video, children are introduced to the Walkman, and you get to see their priceless reactions.

The video shows the kids looking at the Walkman and not knowing how it could actually play music. When shown the cassette tape, they also seemed clueless about it.

Krischelle, 9, asks, “Oh, are these like in the movies?”

One child smiled when handed the headphones for the player, saying, “My grandpa has these!”

The children compared using the Walkman to using their iPad. Maxim says it takes just as long to play music on the iPad. “On the iPad, you have to go into the Internet, find Pandora, click that thing. You have to make it play, ya know?”

You may feel old, but seeing the gadgets of the past will make you appreciate what you have now. It’s amazing how fast technology develops. It makes you appreciate how far the industry has come because we can sometimes take for granted the gadgets we own now.

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