Man Finds Out Supposed Best Man Is Dating His Ex-Fiancée, Exacts the Most Clever Revenge


Recovering from a bad breakup is not easy, especially when the person you have to cut ties with was your fiancee, the one you thought was going to be the mother of your kids. But it could hurt a hundred times more if you found out she’s now dating none other than your best friend.

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This man, who goes by his Imgur username waltk89, was caught in the same situation. Hurt and shocked with what he discovered, this dude obviously wasn’t planning to let it pass.

But he did not want to get even in a clichéd, old-fashioned way; it’s the twenty-first century after all. So to exact the perfect revenge, he involved his best friend’s beloved Wii console.

So this is what he did, complete with a step-by-step guide (just in case you too have someone whose day you want to ruin).



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