Men Experiencing Labor Pains? See What’s Happening on Dutch TV!



Giving birth is seen as one of  the greatest miracles in life. And, our mothers know quite well of the pain that goes with bringing life into the world.

However, few men are hardly moved by the idea of labor causing so much pain. But, not for two celebrated Dutch television hosts, who learned the hard way why the process of giving birth is called “labor”.

Dutch television hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno have done some pretty wild things for their show “Guinea Pigs“. But, the duo’s latest escapade of undergoing a labor simulated test can now be considered as the cream of the crop.

In a video clip from the show, Storm and Zeno reveal why they took on this particular challenge, explaining that giving birth is the worst pain there is. By nature, men do not undergo through this kind of pain, so the two opted to undergo electro-stimulation to simulate contractions so they could experience the distress for themselves.

“Do you think the pain will make us scream,” Zeno asked before the shocks began in the video.

One of the nurses responds bluntly, “Yes, it definitely will”.

And, she wasn’t lying.

Propped on a bed with electrodes attached to their abdomens, Storm and Zeno went through two hours of the simulated contractions. Despite their attempt to keep the fun, it was clear that the two were experiencing anything but.

While the time span of the simulation was much shorter than many instances of real-life labor, the two appeared to get the full experience. In the end, Zeno summed up the difficult challenge wondering if he would have his wife go under the same torture.


A similar act was done in 2009 by Dr. Andrew Rochford, who underwent the same childbirth experience during a simulation for the  Australian TV show “What’s Good For You.”

After more than two hours of contractions, Rochford started using some choice words, explaining that he could now “understand why women swear” during labor.

Watch how the Dutch TV show hosts handle the simulated contractions in the video below:


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