Mermaid Photo shoot

This Hilarious Mermaid Photo Shoot Gets Bombed by a Massive Wave


Everyone would love to conduct a mermaid photo shoot to get some sensational shots to share on social media. After all, this is the age where people go all out when it comes to the photos they share to their online friends. So whenever you get a chance to visit the beach, it could be really tempting to head over to the shoreline and strike poses like you’re a pretty little siren.

At the end of the day, nothing should stop you from fulfilling your mermaid dreams—except of course, if mother nature decides to have things done her way. Well, all the woman in this story wanted was to take the perfect mermaid shot, but apparently, Mother Nature had different plans.

Mermaid Photo Shoot Takes a Hilarious Turn After Huge Wave Crashes In

Rosangela de Silva of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was unfortunate enough to experience a failed photo shoot thanks to a massive wave. The whole incident was captured on tape, and now thanks to that, the Internet got itself another hilarious mishap to laugh over.

It all started out as a simple visit to the beach. Silva wanted to take a photo at the edge of the ocean. She had everything ready, from the perfect mermaid hair to the flowing white when the unthinkable happened. Her husband tried to warn her at first about the upcoming wave, but it was too late.

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Wave Hits Her

“On a beach day, I decided to take a photograph on a rock that I found gorgeous,” Silva wrote on Facebook. “I was not aware my husband was making a video. While I was posing, he started to scream about the wave, and it really took me by surprise.”

Thankfully, Silva was not hurt after the ordeal. And even though the shoot did not end well, she did manage to get something even better than a mermaid shot—she became a viral hit! The original video now has more than a million views and counting.

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