Minnesota Man Pranks Whole Neighborhood by Leaving Frozen Pants All Over the Town


Not everything about winter season is enjoyable. Battling the very low temperature is not an easy thing to do. Staying outside is really not advisable—especially if you live in Minnesota.

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But despite the freezing cold weather, a prank cheered up the locals. It started when some pairs of pants placed upright started appearing in unlikely spots all over the streets of Minneapolis.

The guy behind the prank, Tom Grotting, said that it was pretty easy to make something so eye-catching for the locals to gaze at. He just soaked the jeans on a bucket full of water and sculpted them to make them appear like they were worn as they freeze. According to Tom, waiting for the pants to freeze didn’t even take more than an hour because of the very low temperature in the area he’s in.



According to Grotting, one of the reasons he thought of playing such prank was to entertain his neighbor Diane who doesn’t seem to like winter season. He made sure he placed the pants where locals could easily notice them.



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