Mom Wearing VR Headset Accidentally Grabs Wrong End of the Dog

Mom Wearing VR Headset Accidentally Grabs ‘Wrong End of the Dog’

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The advances in technology have paved the way for all the things that would have otherwise remained in our imagination. One of its products is virtual reality. With VR, stories are told in a more enchanting way, videos can be viewed in a more immersive manner, and we are taken to places we thought we would never get to see.

But as they always say, good things come with a price. And in the case of virtual reality, it’s the fact that some people use it to make videos that are disturbing and scary and have people watch and react to them as if they’re real. Just like this poor mother.

Mom Wearing VR Headset Accidentally Grabs Dog by Its Bum

Watch this mom wearing VR headset grab the “wrong side of the dog,” hoping to find comfort in the pooch’s touch as she watches a scary clip.

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Mom Wearing VR Headset

With her son recording the whole thing, this mother was made to watch a clearly thrilling video with a VR headset on. A few seconds into the clip, she starts moving as if trying to get away from whatever it is she’s seeing. She tries to grab the dog sitting on her lap for comfort but accidentally does it the wrong way!

As she can’t see anything, the mom pulls the dog by his backside, leaving the pooch dangling upside down. The scene sent the mother’s kids into fits of laughter while the pet looks at them seemingly asking for help.

Safe to say, the little dog was left with no other choice but to just go along with it. While it became a source of good laugh for the kids, pretty sure the pooch would never want to go through such ordeal ever again.

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