Most Epic Fails Ever Caught on Film


Beer can make us do some things that we would not normally do when we’re sober. Drinking a lot of beer can make us do some stupid things like texting our exes, while others will feel invincible after a couple of bottles of these wonderful concoctions.

We have collected GIFs of the most hilarous and painful drunken fails. These mostly drunk people seem to think that what they’re about to do was the best idea they had., only to fall flat on their face and sober up to take the painful result of their drunken ideas.

Here are the funniest “I can do that. Here, hold my beer!” moments.

1 Just Gonna Head Straight for It

2 Just Gonna Jump Over This Golf Cart

3 Just Gonna Surf Off This Roof

4 Just Gonna Joust On These Mattresses

5 Just Gonna Wax the Floor Like This

6 Just Gonna Ride This Child’s Toy

7 Just Gonna Play With This Pile of Sh*t

8 Just Gonna Do a Little Streetskiing

9 Just Gonna Joust On These Staircases

10 Just Gonna Ride As the Crow Flies

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