Addams Family

Not-So Family-Friendly Scenes from the Addams Family


Some parents of the 1990s may have never suspected The Addams Family to be full of dark jokes, double entendres, and racy material upon catching sight of the movie poster. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen to a movie with a closely knit family who has a zombie-like man resembling Frankenstein’s monster for a butler, an old witch for a grandma, a hirsute for a cousin, and a dismembered hand for a close family friend? Well, here are the not-so family-friendly scenes from the iconic franchise we all strangely love.

Disturbing Scenes from ‘The Addams Family’

Wednesday and Pugsley Stage a Bloody Sword Fight

Bloody Sword Fight

Wednesday and Pugsley perform in a school play, to which their loving family attends. The children try to get fake Uncle Fester to help them, and he offers to help them make the sword fight scene more realistic.

The Swordplay

When we finally see the swordplay, Wednesday and Pugsley slice at each other and open arteries that spray the audience with gallons of red fluid. Pugsley even loses an arm in the process.

Debbie Tries to Kill Fester in a Variety of Ways

Debbie Tries to Kill Fester

Nanny Debbie marries Fester as part of her plan to take him out and inherit his money. Even though the film is rated PG-13, Debbie throws a toaster into a bath with Fester, and when that doesn’t work, she tries to detonate their house with him still inside. By the end of the film, she even tries to do away with the entire family by hooking them up to homemade electric chairs.

Wednesday and Pugsley Torment an Entire Family

Torment an Entire Family

Arriving at the Adams’ family reunion rather than the Addams’ family reunion, Wednesday and Pugsley go about making new “friends” as quickly as possible with the “normal” kids they meet.  Wednesday detonates a croquet ball to freak them out, they entomb Lurch, and they even tie up an entire family and threaten them with the possibility of performing skin grafts. Thankfully, Gomez shows up and gets them out of the house before they can go any further.

A Woman Almost Drowns at a Country Club

Woman Almost Drowns

Wednesday and Pugsley play an intense game of croquet after arriving at the same wrong reunion. Wednesday whacks a ball so hard that it bounces over to the pool and hits a woman in the face. She falls into the deep end and sinks directly to the bottom.

No one dives in after her, and she lies there for a while as bystanders scream for help. Thankfully, Lurch is around to save the day.

Morticia and Gomez Hire a Nanny to Keep Their Kids from Murdering the Baby

Morticia and Gomez


Addams Family Values opens with Morticia giving birth to Pubert. Wednesday and Pugsley aren’t pleased about the new addition to the family, and rather than get to know the child, they decide to get rid of him. Gomez and Morticia Addams hire a nanny named Debbie to take care of their newborn son, Pubert, after older siblings Wednesday and Pugsley’s failed attempts to murder him.

Pubert Electrocutes Debbie

Pubert Electrocutes Debbie

As Debbie explains why she’s a black widow to the entire Addams Family, whom she’s attached to her makeshift electric chair contraption, baby Pubert grabs two cables and attaches them, frying Debbie instead. It is worth noting that Pubert isn’t even a year old yet, and he’s already killed someone.

Abigail Tortures Morticia

Abigail Tortures Morticia

In the 1991 film, Abigail Craven and former Addams Family lawyer Tully Alford tie Morticia to the wheel of pain to get the combination to Gomez’s bookshelf, which is the vault of the family fortune.