People Going Back To College can Relate to These Pictures Way Too Much



A lot of students discover too late that getting to college is not a walk in the park. In fact, when they are already in the thick of things, they drop out for a variety of reasons and these include personal or financial problems. Whatever may be behind a student’s backing out of college, it is always considered a significant loss that will affect his life in a big way.

There are others though who persevere in going after their dream of getting a degree. They go back to college, so they can up their chances of getting a better job or a promotion. If you know of someone like this, you might like to show them the photos below.

A Bad Start to a Semester

The worst way to start the semester:

Real-Life Problems of Out-of-School Youths

Day one:

When Your Bedtime is Closer to that of a Kid than a College Student


Dealing with Problems that Come with Old Age

Growing old:

When Nap Time Becomes the Best Time

Sweet relief:



When Your Brain Decides to Stop Its Processes

Late nights:

When You Try to Cram One Semester’s Worth of Studying Into One Night

Later nights:

When You Have to Shoulder All Expenses While Studying

The price of college:

You Need to Take More Time with a Single PowerPoint Page than Others

The fear:

Laughing at Bad Jokes Just to Get Good Grades

Smiling through the pain:



The Major Difference Between Then and Now

The natural progression:

When Laziness Gets the Better of You

Getting things done:

You, When You Get Back to School

Passing out:

When Your Laundry Can’t Keep You From Getting Some Sleep

The ol' laundry push:

When No Matter How Much You Wrack Your Brains, You Really Can’t Come Up with the Answer

And, finally, the most important problem you'll do all four years:



When Looking at Math Problems Sends You Reeling

Looking into your future:

When Your Pet Becomes a Stowaway in Your Luggage

Trying to fit everything in:

When Cheating Becomes a Necessity

All the beautiful pictures you'll be taking:

When Can’t Do Anything But Smile At Your Teacher

The challenge:

When You Learn How to Do Instant Transmission

The disappearing act:



The Struggle is Real

Getting that scholarship money:

When Mornings Are Never-Ending Battles

The never-ending battle:

The Importance of Saving Old Books

Book prices:

Learning Vital Survival Techniques

Survival techniques:

When You Can’t Help But Be Sarcastic About Grades

THOSE people:

When You’re Faced with This Kind of Problem

Meeting requirements:

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