10 People Who Had a Pretty Bad Christmas because of Hoverboards


Since hoverboards are quite a thing right now, a lot of people probably got them as Christmas gifts. You’ve probably seen a lot of videos showing people using this gadget and doing pretty awesome stunts.

However, that is not what this list is all about. It’s the opposite. While there are those who can pull off nice tricks with hoverboards, some just suck at it, and this list enumerates those epic fails. Get ready for this will make you laugh so hard your jaw will ache.

Good guess, kiddo

Never knew hoverboards could make you dance

#hoverboardfail A video posted by Stacey Grande (@staceyann0) on

Tough luck, Grandpa

Should’ve knowed better! #hoverboardfail #oldmanonagoverboard #hoverboard A video posted by alan youngblood (@alanyblood) on



At least it wasn’t a faceplant

Uncle Chris’ hoverboard FAIL #hoverboardfail A video posted by Stacey Grande (@staceyann0) on

The first fall is sometimes the last one



It was going so well, but . . .

The best kind of Christmas gift

Must have been a very bad fall



Nice hoverboard tricks

A good old slow-mo does the trick

So you still want to try your luck with hoverboards? Feel free to do so. Just try your best not to end up like these unfortunate lads. You don’t want to be part of the next list we’ll make.



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