Here are People Who Have Ruined Statues In The Most Awesome Way Possible


Some people just think differently from us normal people. While we see a statue, they see an opportunity to have some fun.

Here are some people who ruined statues in the best possible way.


Let Me Get That for You

AD-Messing With-Statues-15

Be My Friend!

AD-Messing With-Statues-32

Back Off, He’s Mine

AD-Messing With-Statues-27

All the Single Statues

AD-Messing With-Statues-03

May I Have This Dance?

AD-Messing With-Statues-34



Chug! Chug! Chug!

AD-Messing With-Statues-10

It’s Your Turn, Man!

AD-Messing With-Statues-14

That Looks Painful

AD-Messing With-Statues-01

H.I.V.E. Five!

AD-Messing With-Statues-25

Noooo, She Didn’t Deserve to Die

AD-Messing With-Statues-09




AD-Messing With-Statues-16

A Slap to the Face!

AD-Messing With-Statues-04

Dude, Check It Out

AD-Messing With-Statues-33

Look Out!

AD-Messing With-Statues-13

Diver Be Like!

AD-Messing With-Statues-23



Just Friends Sharing an Ice Cream

AD-Messing With-Statues-31

That’s Rude, Man!

AD-Messing With-Statues-02

Dancing on the Street

AD-Messing With-Statues-26

Leave Him Alone, He’s Just a Kid

AD-Messing With-Statues-11

Spiderman Finally Met His Match

AD-Messing With-Statues-22



I Said Eat That Big Mac, Dammit!

AD-Messing With-Statues-08

What Is That?

AD-Messing With-Statues-29

You Are a Little Young for Her

AD-Messing With-Statues-12

What Are You Doing?

AD-Messing With-Statues-24

Hello, Come Here Often?

AD-Messing With-Statues-35



You Naughty Statue

AD-Messing With-Statues-05

The Under-the-Table Agreement

AD-Messing With-Statues-28

Being a Third Wheel Is Hard

AD-Messing With-Statues-18

Howdy, Partner

AD-Messing With-Statues-07

Get a Room

AD-Messing With-Statues-17


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