Sick Pranks That Will Drive Your Buddies to Erase You from Their Friends List


Human as we are, we all enjoy a little slice of pranks. Pranks are played for the sake of the laughs we get from seeing someone getting caught in a funny situation. Sometimes, we make these jokes just for the hell of it.

However, there are some pranks that are just plain wrong. Here is a list of these sick jokes that will definitely make you lose some, if not all, of your friends.

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Mayo Donuts

Donuts with fillings make a good treat. However, donuts with mayonnaise will not make your buddy happy.

Chicken Soup Shower

Are you thinking of ways to ruin someone’s shower? Maybe a chicken bouillon can help you out.

Yellow Water

Nothing makes toilet pranks better than yellow water. Your friends will definitely freak out with this one—and they’ll probably consider erasing you from their friends list too.