Sick Pranks That Will Drive Your Buddies to Erase You from Their Friends List


Seat Shock

Your friends will have the honk of a lifetime with this joke. Just be ready to receive a couple of punches or slaps after.

Candy Mixture

Candies, everybody loves them. But everybody also hates it when you mix them all up.

Soy Soda

Probably the sickest prank on the list. Your friends will have trust issues once this diabolical deed is done. That is, if you haven’t lost them yet.

Plastic-Wrapped Car

Is your friend getting late for work? Why don’t you help him out by wrapping up his car in plastic? Now he has a chance to laze another hour away before he starts an exhausting day at work.

Cream Cheese Deodorant

Personal hygiene is very important for everyone. So why not empty your friend’s bottle of deodorant and fill it with cream cheese. Sometimes, it’s nice to have that cheesy smell all day long.