25 Puppies Caught Sleeping In Funny Positions …This Will Make You Smile


An average human teenager can sleep up to 18 hours per day, and it also takes the same amount of time for puppies to take a nap. But unlike us, they can fall asleep anywhere and anytime — basically, when they choose to do so.

Today we bring you a compilation of adorable pictures of sleeping puppies that will put a smile to your face with overflowing cuteness.

1.  Puppy Sleeping In Between Couch Cushions

I Found My Puppy Sleeping Like This

2.  Falling Asleep While Sitting On His Cute Little Butt

Sleeping Beauty

3.  Sleeping Beside the Window Like a Drunk Person Would

My Friends Dog Passed Out

4. Sleeping Corgi on My Lap

Sleeping Corgi

5.  Sleepy Puppy Yawning in My Hand

My Favorite Puppy Out Of The Littler Was This Little Sleepy Guy

6.  Puppy in Tuxedo Sleeping Soundly

Sleeping Puppy

7.   Nande Used to Sleep Under the Coffee Table Until He is Too Big to Fit

Nande Used To Love Sleeping Under The Coffee Table Until She Could No Longer Fit

8. Puppy Sleeping in a Bin

Puppy Sleeping

9. Croissant Tucks His Paws When He Sleeps

Croissant Has To Hide His Paws When He Sleeps

10. My Co-worker’s Puppy Fell Asleep On Her Desk

My Co-worker's Puppy Fell Asleep On Her Desk



11. Basset Hound Sleeping In Flower Pots

Basset Hound Sleeping In Flower Pots. Part Dog, Part Gravy

12.  One of Them is Going Against the Flow

Sleeping Corgis

13.  Fat Puppy Sleeping

Fat Puppy Sleeping

14.  Sleeping Puppy With Funny Expression

Sleeping Beauty

15.  Peaches Sleeping On The Car Door Handle

Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home



16.  Puppy Sleeping on the Grocery Cart

A Really Sleepy Puppy

17.  Seems Like This Puppy Had a Tiring Day

Sleeping Puppy

18.  Puppy Sleeping On The Couch and Table

Puppy Sleeping On The Table

19.  Young Pigs Cuddling With Puppies In A Remote Hilltribe Village In Laos

Saw This Young Pigs Cuddling With Puppies In A Remote Hilltribe Village In Laos

20.  Sleeping With the Feet Up

My Dog Is Sleeping



21.  Sleeping Like a Human

Too Lazy To Move

22.  Sleeping Puppy During a Walk

23.  The Perfect Spot To Take A Nap

Perfect Spot To Take A Nap

24.  Puppy Falling Asleep in a Shoe

My Sister's Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe

25. Puppy Sleeping In His Bowl

Puppy Is Sleeping In His Bowl


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