This Puppy-Monkey Baby in Mountain Dew’s Ad Will Either Crack You Up or Freak You Out


Mountain Dew will be your next big thing real soon—and it’s all because of this ridiculous-looking creature.

freaking commercial was just produced by the soda company, where the shocking hybrid of puppy-monkey-baby in the Super Bowl 50 is featured.

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The company promoted their new drink, Kickstart, where the Super Bowl was mentioned. And this commercial is something you would not even imagine in your dream. Like ever.


People were startled and shocked upon seeing the advertisement. Many were reminded of Four Loko—without the influence of alcohol—with the new drink, which is combined with juice, caffeine, and of course, the Dew.


The creature in the commercial of Mountain Dew was even included in the tweets of users all throughout the Super Bowl game. It was just fun how people reacted on it.

PuppyMonkeyBaby escalated quickly to be a trending topic on Twitter. People would all agree that the face of the rather strange character draws a thin line between being horrifying and being awesome.

Watch the videos below

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