Champion Racer Poses as Student Driver and Pranks Driving Instructors with Drifting Skills


An ice breaker is good for the first day on the job. It creates a more relaxed atmosphere. This prank took it to a whole different level. Let’s say it was the highest level an adrenaline rush could go when these driving instructors got pranked on their first day at work.

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When they stepped into the vehicle and introduced themselves, the new driving instructors were not expecting their supposed “student driver” would take them on a wild adventure or racing and drifting.

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The instructors go into the car and talk to the would-be student. She tells them the car is her brother’s. With her nerdy look and girl-next-door fashion, she fools them easily.


After her test drive, her identity is revealed. She is Malaysia’s professional racing champion and drifter Leona Chin, who has won many championship titles all over the world.

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