TV Reporter Asks the Public to Find a Criminal Who Looks Just Like Him


It is usually only on television will you see a criminal caught with the help of a TV show. When the mugshot of a felon was shown, viewers noticed right away that the criminal looked exactly like the person reporting.

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This is what happened on one news program.


The BBC crime show Crimewatch was reporting an update about criminal Viktor Lakatos. They flashed his photo on the screen and the shows viewers were shocked to see that he looked like the show’s host Jason Mohammad.

Lakatos was convicted for attacking a pensioner named Colin Butlin with brass knuckles.


Lakatos looks so eerily similar to Mohammad that they could be mistaken for twins.

On social media, the TV show’s viewers were quick to pick up on the resemblance. Cornish police office PC Alice Nicholas tweeted, “That awkward moment . . . #Crimewatch.” That simple post was retweeted more than 800 times.


Mohammad even responded to the social media users so at least he’s aware of his similarity to the criminal. Perhaps it’s time for a makeover?

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