Reporter’s Attempt to Plunge into the Cold Pacific Waters During Live Broadcast Ends Hilariously


The news isn’t always as serious as it is. There are times when the serious atmosphere suddenly collapses and turns into a pretty funny scenario. This story is a prime example of that, proving that unexpected things can happen to a reporter while delivering the news on live TV.

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Bernardita Middleton, a Chilean TV reporter, had a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while reporting live. She was in the coastal town of Reñaca at the time, in the northern Valparaiso region. Before the incident, the studio dared her to take a swim in the cold Pacific waters during her report.

She was expecting that they would make her swim, so she wore a bikini just in case. When she saw that it was a bit cloudy that day, she shrugged off her initial expectation only to be later confronted by it.

While taking a swim, her bikini top got hit by a big wave, which caused it to completely fall off. She quickly picked it up and wore it again before she headed back to the shore and face the camera again.

Although it was an embarrassing mishap, Middleton was still able to end her report with a smile.

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