Security Vs. Hooligans …See How A Fan Narrowly Escapes the Field and Venue!


A sporting event these days doesn’t seem complete without one fan or fans rushing the field. If you’re at the game, the site of them being chased by security personnel is quite humorous. However, for that fan its not so humorous as they get to contemplate their actions in a penalty box or possible jail time if not already banned from that venue. But in this case, we find a crazy fan who beat the odds.

It happens in nearly every sport, but soccer seems to bring out the worst in them!



This guy seems to have a plan as he proceeded to hop two fences and ends up desperately trying to hop back into the stadium seating. The only problem was the gap from the second fence to the benches was just a little too wide for him to stretch out and leap.

Эпичное возвращение на сектор!

Эпичное возвращение на сектор!

Luckily, he befriends the crowd and they throw out a scarf to help him out.  While not that terribly dramatic, the “Robin Hoodesque” feel you get as the bandit escapes the law is definitely there. People helping other complete strangers make its even somewhat heartwarming.


Watch how he was supported by the fans as he escaped the field below:

Here’s another aspiring fan who ran on the field and then escaped: