What She Accidentally Captured in Her Selfie Sent This Girl’s Family into a Frenzy


We’ve all experienced sending text messages to the wrong people. It would sometimes put us on a bad light, but most of the time, the results are just hilarious. Here’s a woman who sent a selfie of herself to her whole family. Seems not scandalous enough, but wait until you see the picture.

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Looks like a pretty good selfie, and all you could spot are shampoo, toothpaste, and tissue. But her family freaked out when they saw that pink and blue thing in the corner. If you don’t know those are, they’re vibrators.


In a frantic effort to hide the photo, the woman says to spam the group chat so the pictures could be buried underneath the messages. However, that might not happen since the one she is texting with seems to have other plans.

The moral of the story? Maybe it’s time for us to start double-checking our selfies.

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