Spectacular Street Performers Doing Remarkable Stunts

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It is pretty normal to encounter street performers while strolling down New York City. They provide entertainment, and they distract you from the stressful life in the busy city. Some showcase usual talents like singing while playing guitar, while others do breathtaking stunts like these:

He certainly put on a show, and he gathered a lot of applauds and praises from the spectators for his remarkable talent.

Watch more of these videos about acrobatic artists below:







New York City isn’t only the place to find artists such as the performers above. China also has some pretty spectacular acrobats like this one. With only a big hoop, he managed to give an unbelievable performance. You would have not imagined that a hoop can be used this way, until now.

Here is the video:

Feeling old yet?  Well, old age also doesn’t hinder being a street performer. Watch this elderly man make a stunt with a bottle. Admit it, you could not do what this old man does, even though you are so much younger than him. That makes him more awesome than you.



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