Stephen Colbert Rises as the New Late-Night Overlord with His Nerdy but Funny Approach on ‘The Late Show’

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It is such a delight to hear Stephen Colbert speak out his nerd mind. The way he compares Voldemort to bad guys and his bookish knowledge of Lord of the Rings made his hosting of the Colbert Report and appearances on The Daily Show a must watch.

Even Steve Rogers hailed Colbert worthy of  receiving Captain America‘s shield as he took part of the Marvel canon. He also proved he could be the prototype Star Wars fan when he made his own superhero and had it ramp on San Diego Comic-Con.

Filmmaker Peter Jackson, who directed the Tolkien book–inspired The Hobbit trilogy, confessed that he could never be a Tolkien geek like Stephen Colbert. The Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen lent him Aragorn’s sword and told him to run for president. Colbert even beat Philippa Boyens, The Hobbit‘s resident Tolkien expert, in a quiz. He also got a cameo in The Desolation of Smaug.

Colbert was never ashamed to wear his geeky heart on the sleeve, and audience should feel reassured that he would not make The Late Show less vivid.

He and his writers conquered network TV’s late-night slate with its festive geek-culture literacy, a concept that is on a higher scale than anything you’ve ever seen in the small screen for the past month. Full-on segments are paired with small jokes and blinking references, like how he used the concept of The Hunger Games when he talked about the 2016 elections.

The best part is, Colbert is raising geek icons like Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink on Welcome to Night Vale. The Late Show is the perfect program for those who make time to watch nerdy overlords like Colbert over bigger tract of the TV landscape.

The Late Show especially aims to reach younger audiences with its revived, culture-savvy format, and CBS made the best decision to let Colbert handle it.

Here are snippets from Colbert’s freshman run that will make fans look forward to more exciting episodes of The Late Show.



The Legend of Zelda

Only Colbert would get a whole band to perform video game music on one stage, but it happened.

Colbert wasn’t just the only one who’s excited to nerd it up. Stay Human and Jon Batiste, who compose The Late Show band, also performed backstage some of the well-known music from The Legend of Zelda video game series.

Satanic Lit

Colbert instantly released any fear that he would have to reduce his humor for all the audiences on his first episode. In a well-elaborated monologue, he stated he even took a blood oath in front of a snake-headed Assyrian fire god, who asked him to do inexpressible things like selling Sabra hummus, just to get The Late Show. Seems like the sacrifice pleased the reptilian god.



Star Trek

Colbert jokingly labeled Carly Fiorina as “former Hewlett-Packard CEO and future Starfleet captain” as he took a second look at the second and never-ending GOP debate. He then continued by expounding why he wouldn’t want to meet her in the neutral zone as a Romulan.

The Lord of the Rings

Elijah Wood, who once made way for an LOTR talk with Colbert to be possible, presented him a ring that was very important to him.

Guardians of the Galaxy

As much as anybody else, Colbert admires the voice of Morgan Freeman, so he invited the actor to read some iconic lines from movies, including Groot’s most famous phrase, saying that he’s Groot too.


Multifandoms at Once

In a newer segment, Colbert discussed a question about his conservative pundit role on The Colbert Report, which was repeatedly mocked. Who is the real Stephen Colbert? He brought out the royal family, Game of Thrones, and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same breath before settling down to take the Myers-Briggs test.

Welcome to Night Vale

The star of the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale also graced the show. In a weird but delightful way, Cecil Baldwin‘s character Cecil Palmer merged the old-style radio format with TV by singing the community calendar in front of Colbert and The Late Show audience.

Star Wars



Colbert is a big fan of Star Wars, and everybody knows it. Having a new show and a new movie coming gave Colbert a bigger platform to nitpick. Because he saw it before it was released in theaters in 1977, basically, he fell in love with Star Wars before anyone did.

Colbert then picked on the new advancements for the Star Wars robotics a few weeks later. He posed an interesting question after he saw a poor cyborg being abused by dodgeball by the same people who built it.

No Man’s Sky

Colbert is now tagged as an advocate of video games on late-night TV, with Hello Games’ Sean Murray and YouTuber PewDiePie already appearing on the show. Murray showed Colbert a No Man’s Sky demo, a highly awaited decadently generated space exploration game.

Colbert has done so many entertaining scenes in a day’s work: he got his names on the star systems and alien life, declared Murray a god, and cracked a joke about an X-Wing fighter.

Captain America



Everybody knows Colbert has Captain America’s indestructible vibranium shield, but people are wondering how the shield would be able to hold up against a rushing tennis ball. To give them an answer, Colbert called tennis star Novak Djokovic on the show for a face-off.

The Hunger Games

Colbert paid tribute to Caesar Flickerman, the host of the Hunger Games events in the iconic film series, by dressing up as him. He performs this character whenever a presidential candidate decides to end their presidential campaigns. Of course, in a Mockingjay way.

The audiences are hoping that Colbert will continue doing this bit until election day.

Game of Thrones and Harry Potter

Donald Trump appears to be very concerned about buildings and defending giant walls, playing like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. With this, people can easily forgive Colbert for believing there would be spoilers about Jon Snow’s whereabouts in the second GOP debate.

Colbert then remembered his geeky badge and mentioned it twice in the same segment, invoking the greatest enemy of Harry Potter while trying to figure out the campaign ad of Texas senator Ted Cruz.