Drug Traffickers Used These 10 Strange and Ridiculous Ways Just to Smuggle Drugs

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Certain laws have been passed to fend off and catch drug traffickers. However, like viruses, they tend to become smarter and faster as soon as a cure is administered. They are getting creative on their ways on getting over the borders without getting caught.

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Here are just some of their insane stunts and methods in smuggling goods:

No one suspects the baby or the baby stroller


Believing no one would find a baby stroller suspicious, a drug courier stuffed ten pounds of marijuana inside one. Unlucky for him, he still got caught.

These black beans are not so black


Sometimes, a can of black beans can be hiding something white.

When this courier’s stuff were checked, customs officials found numerous cans of black beans in his luggage. Thing is, the product was quite generic, something that can be found anywhere, so authorities thought there was something fishy. When they opened the cans, they found cocaine stuffed inside them.

Mr. Potatohead


Poor Mr. Potatohead. He has obviously fallen into the dark pit.

It’s not only homeworks that dogs eat now


In 2004, two drug mules, who were bound to Britain, were arrested after they stuffed cocaine inside their pet Labrador.

They see me rollin’


This is how drug couriers roll nowadays.

A smuggler was seen bringing tires with them as he tried to leave the country. Unfortunately, he was stopped when drug-sniffing dogs kept on lurking around his belongings. Authorities then found large quantity of cocaine hidden in the tires.

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