Drug Traffickers Used These 10 Strange and Ridiculous Ways Just to Smuggle Drugs

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That’s some nice underwear you got there


This must be the boldest attempt to smuggle drugs.

This smuggler was found wearing an underwear that was covered in cocaine duct-taped into the garment. The perpetrator was arrested by New York customs officials.

Oh my god!


When you see someone bringing portraits of Jesus, what will you think of him? Religious, of course, someone who always sees to it that what he does doesn’t go against the law of God. But for this smuggler, it’s the total opposite. He brought numerous Jesus paintings not to show he’s a true believer but to transfer massive amount of cocaine.

Marijuana on t-shirt cannons


While most people use t-shirt cannons to launch shirts at big events, drug traffickers use them to launch marijuana across border fences.

Even candy bars? Seriously?


Chocolates are never suspicious. Everyone loves them. But these smugglers took advantage of that fact to sneak in substances. They even wrapped them to make them look like real candy bars. Still, they were outsmarted by customs officials.

Gross breast implants containing cocaine


At an airport in Bogota, Colombia, border control stopped a woman to ask her a few questions, to which she had no reply. They started to get suspicious, so they did a strip search. Officials saw bandages under her breasts, all covered in blood. She tried to get away with their suspicions by saying she recently underwent cosmetic surgery, but when the bandages were taken off, her open wounds revealed a gruesome tactic. A total of 1.5 pounds of cocaine on each  breast were recovered.

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