Tattoos That Went Too Far? Check Out and Decide For Yourself


They say tattoos are a summary of the life of who has them. It’s either a sentence that describes their past or a name of someone they love so dearly. But there are some who seemed like they were not in their right mind when they got their tattoos.

You are about to see photos of a few “brave” men who seriously need to look at their face in the mirror again.

He believed a swastika will make him look cool

Guess what card game he likes to play

You now know what to do

He’s an expert at doodling

No better way to remind you of your childhood

He must be so proud

That’s art right there

Beyond words

How sure are you?




Have you eaten yet?

Great for job interviews

Don’t really look like it

No doubt about his beliefs

The real king is here

Too much…


The next Batman villain?

Oh, Teddy Boy



Point well taken

Drake says, “Doing It Wrong”


Yes, we agree

Ok… sure…

We’re enlightened. Thank you!

We hope you’d tell us who did that to you

Make yo’ mama proud

Great choice

We can’t even!

We pray to hear an answer someday



That’s good to know

Here’s a very family-oriented guy


Don’t let your daughter date this guy

Thanks for clearing that up

This drunk dad might have gotten so carried away

That’s how you perfectly describe life

This isn’t checkered Vans

You. Are. (not) Awesome.

Not everyone likes to play labyrinth, especially not on your face.

Too soon to be a good guy.



Check out videos below.


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