Most Hilarious Last Names from Combined Couples’ Surnames



Did you ever confront your parents and blame them for the hard time you have at school when you were picked on because of the name they gave you? Because of your crazy surname, do you have that feeling that you can never use it as your username in your social networking sites? Some of us do have that moment, but some people’s surnames are just so insanely hilarious that some would want to run when they are asked what their full name is.

Think about Olivia Wilde. This famous actress was actually born Olivia Jane Cockburn. (Yes, quite wild, right?) Even Albert Brooks chose not to use his real name because he might be asked to solve a Physics problem, just because he was born with the name Albert Einstein.

These celebrities are not the only ones. Check out these photos of people who are not so lucky when it comes to surnames:





These couples’ lives just got a little more complicated but hilarious because of their surnames. But they should have known it coming when they said yes to each other. So I guess, that’s what they call love. It doesn’t only make you blind; it makes people a little careless too.







If even comedian Andy Dick didn’t mind going around introducing himself with that surname, these people sure did too. After all, that’s part of their chosen fate; might as well live with it.

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