Here are the Most Hilarious And Most Delicious Ways To Apologize …The Sorry Cake



Saying sorry doesn’t come easy, especially if you really messed and you can’t think of any other way to be forgiven. Sweets and other desserts make everything better, so there’s a really good chance that you’ll be forgiven . . . if you say sorry on a cake.


Really! You’re saying sorry for that?


His writing is worse than his sin, but it’s sweet though.


Well, God forgives you.


Sorry, it was an accident.


Is this an apology? Or threat?

At least the cat forgives you.


Promise, it won’t happen again!


You are now forgiven.


I never meant to do that.


Sorry, not sorry.



Sorry, I mean it.


Something fishy in here.


The message is just heartwarming.


Well, those drunken times . . .


It was an accident.

Losing makes me angry.


Beautiful words


This one’s straight to the point.


You must eat it all though.


Well, it’s your fault anyways.



A piece of apology


Sorry, I’ll refill it next time.


Please forgive me.


At least get the spelling right.


I’ll never forgive you.

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