These Text Exchanges Prove Sisters’ Bond Is Stronger—and Funnier—Than You Think


Your sister is your first best friend, and you know you can always count on her. You may not like them all the time, but you know that whenever they call you, you will be there for them. Your sister is always there for you to text, call, Skype, or send a video call through FaceTime.

The bond sisters have are the strongest. Sometimes, they grow too close they just make fun of each other. Here is a collection of funny text messages sisters send to each other.

Sometimes you can’t watch your favorite show together, so you just text each other while watching it.

When you can't watch a show together so you do the next best thing:

When you have nothing to do

When you're bored:

When Mom decides to embarrass you

When your mom does something embarrassing:

When they help you out

When they save your ass:



Sometimes, your life is a horror movie.

When your life is a horror movie:

When they understand you

When they can read your mind, even with nothing to go off of:

Those times when you just want to see their face.

When you just need to see their face:

When you do a countdown until you see them again

And when you're counting down the days until you see them:

When you find a great airline deal

When you find a good deal on flights:



When you have a crazy dream you can’t tell anyone else about

When you have a weird dream but you need to tell someone:

When they make you so proud

When you're proud AF of them:

When you have to keep it real

When they're not afraid to be blunt:

When you gossip about people you know

When you need to share some hometown gossip:

When you catch them stealing your clothes

When they steal your clothes:



When you see a cute guy

When you have some urgent news to share:

When you don’t care about the time difference


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