This Youtube Prankster Filled His House with More than 250,000 Colored Balls …You HAVE to See Why



Can you imagine going home from work and seeing your house turned into a massive plastic ball pit? Although it is really hard to imagine, this actually did happen to Brittney.

Brittney is Roman Atwood’s partner. While it isn’t really that not as elaborate as you think, he still made an effort to make it happen.

Roman is a YouTube prankster, who decided to fill his house with more than 250,000 colored balls, to surprise his girlfriend by the time she gets home. At first, he called her via phone. And, when she finally showed up and opened the door of the house, she got the surprise of her life. Tons of plastic balls flowed out of the door that Brittney almost fell over.

As she walked into the house, her reaction was priceless. She saw all her kids playing happily. Looking at her face, she, too, was very happy that her kids finally got to experience and live their dream.

Sea of color: The stunt, which was posted on YouTube  has almost one million views, begins with Atwood calling up his wife to check when she is likely to come home

Colorful character: A prankster dad turned the entire first floor of his house into an enormous ball pit


Watch the prank video below:


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