Thor’s Mjölnir is Set Up on the Street for the Public to Lift …See What Happens Next!


Engineer, Allen Pan posted a video on YouTube to share his Nordic mythology-inspired prank. Pan built a replica of the legendary hammer Mjölnir or Thor’s hammer with the help of electromagnetics and a fingerprint scanner. He invited unsuspecting passers-by to try out his invention and see if they are worthy to wield the magical weapon.

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In Norse mythology, Thor is the god who protects other Nordic gods and goddesses in the imaginary realm called Asgard. His hammer, which is his primary weapon, is symbolically seen as an instrument of consecration, protection, and blessing. According to legend, only Thor and those worthy could wield the mystical hammer.

Using Pan’s wide knowledge in the world of engineering, he built the hammer and embedded a capacitive touch sensor on the handle of his Mjölnir. Pan also added magnets and other hardware that allow the instrument to disconnect from a magnetic field with the help of the touch of his finger print and his fingerprint alone. After finishing his project, he then hit the streets to test out his device on innocent bystanders.

So the prank begins with a number of contenders.

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