Today’s Tech Advancements Will Make You Wonder How We Ever Communicated in the Past


For the earlier generations, the struggle to communicate and share ideas was a real challenge. If you lived in earlier times, you probably know how important a diskette is to a student and what the tip of a pen’s purpose is for a cassette tape.

But for the younger ones who will never know the pain or frustration and their biggest challenge is to get online. So we share here some photos of the common struggles you may remember:

When downloading one song took so long that the waiting time was more than enough to enjoy your coffee, play with your dog, and read the paper!


Drove to Blockbusters just to find they’re out of copies of your favorite movies


Took your film in to be developed only to find that 1 of the 24 exposures were not blurry


When TRL replaced your favorite music video with screaming tweens


When your favorite show started and you realized you’ve already run out of blank VHS tapes





Buying an entire album for only one song


When you needed to call the movie theater to find show times

19 Frustrating Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience

Staying in line all night just to get tickets for a concert.


Searching a listing in the phone directory only to discover its not there


When your friend borrowed a CD and they returned it full of scratches




Waiting through the national forecast before you get the local forecast


Realizing Encarta did not have all the information you needed for your book report.


Slipped in a VHS tape only to discover it hasn’t been rewound


Making sure you had change before making a call from a disgusting pay phone.


Getting that song taped off the radio only to be ruined by the DJ who talked before the song ended




Want more? Watch these videos for more things kids will definitely not experience today:


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