VIDEO: This Pair Build a WALL Around Trump Towers …Hilarious!!


To ridicule Donald Trump‘s plan to prevent immigrants from coming to the United States, a group of mischievous comedians came up with a prank to give the dense businessman a taste of his very own medicine.

Because of his racist claims of wanting to ban all Muslims from getting inside the Land of the Free plus his proposed wall structure that would prevent Mexicans from entering the country, he has made a lot of bashers and haters.

Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig, also known as The Good Liars, are just two of the people who found Trump to be arrogant. So they visited the Trump Tower in NYC and built a wall of their own—complete with a work permit.

Indeed, karma is better served with bricks and cement.

“It’s going to keep the assholes in, because one came out and he ran for President,” says the comedians as they explain to the confused security guard.

The comedic duo constructed the wall in front of the famous tower’s doors but realized it was impossible since they did not bring enough bricks to completely shut down the entire building.

For the greater good of America, everyone should show support to make the Asshole Wall a reality the soonest time possible before Trump gets another chance to speak in front of the public with his ridiculous notions.



Watch this video below.



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