Weird Inventions That Have Been Lost Over Time


In the past, people were creating so many new things. They invented many gadgets and instruments to make life easier. Some are quite ingenious and admirable. These inventions could have been improved more as technology progressed. Other inventions were simply hilarious and sometimes scary.

Check out the craziest and peculiar inventions from the past.

The Family Bike. Your wife can even sew on it.

The Walker.

 Electronic car map.


The creepy hair dryer

How would you like to own a portable bridge?

Newspaper through fax machine.

 A community bus.

A portable radio on your hat.

Smile for the camera!

A bicycle for rivers and the streets.

How about an umbrella for your cigarette, sir?

An ingenious use for spare bicycle tires.

Want to play the piano while lying on bed? This one’s for you.

Chain smoking made easy.

A monocycle.


No terrain can stop me!


Do you want to have dimples? Try this dimple-maker!

Brushes on your shoes! You can read while cleaning the house.

Shovel and brush in just one smooth motion!


A special reading glasses for reading while lying down on your back.



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