What Happens When Men and Women Engage …See the REAL Differences

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We all have some things in common. However, we all have to accept that it’s our differences that make us who we are. They might never change, making life even more colorful and exciting. What are these differences? Of course, there are lots of them, but we can start with the obvious, which are the differences between men and women.

How Men and Women Check Out Someone They Like


Women always take it slow when checking a person of the opposite sex. In fact, they already mastered the art of subtlety by not giving any hints of interest or like. Guys, on the other hand, primarily rely on their instincts and then show off their swag to get the attention of the woman they are attracted to.

How Men and Women Think about Expectations and Reality


According to Albert Einstein, “Women always worry about the things that men forget; men always worry about the things women remember.” Well, there’s no better way to explain it more directly than that.

How Much Men and Women Pay for a Haircut


Women tend to take better care of their hair than men. If you don’t agree, then compare how much they pay the salon just for a simple trim.

How Men and Women Think about Dating and Hooking Up


While a guy is often seeking a hookup, a lady is already out there searching for a potential boyfriend material. In fact, she’ll openly tell a guy how she feels or what she wants.



How Men and Women Spend Their Day in the Mall


When men go to the mall, they are actually on a mission to get something they need; and mind you, they are really fast. Once they find the item they are looking for, they pay for it and hit home.

How about women? Well, it’s going to be a long story. Ladies want to look around, chat with some friends, check out those items on sale, and try every item they want. And the cycle continues for who knows how long. At the end of the day, they find themselves spending lots of time and money for something they don’t really need. Worst is that they aren’t able to buy the item that made them decide to go to the mall.

How Men and Women React to a Broken Fingernail


Although they take good care of them, men don’t usually take pride in their nails. For girls, it’s another story. They spend so much time, energy, and money on their nails, so breaking one could cause them to break down as well.

How Men and Women Choose a Shampoo?


A guy would just get a shampoo from the supermarket aisle and pay for it. He would only know if it smells good once he uses it in the shower. For a lady, choosing a shampoo is like choosing a lifetime partner.

How Men and Women Take Compliments


Men accept compliments, but they don’t take them seriously. When he gets praised for wearing a neat attire, he still wears it again and again, which is contrary to girls. Women don’t take compliments at all. Whenever somebody appreciates her dress, she never wears it again. Instead, she will suspect you have a hidden agenda for saying that.



How Moms and Dads Look after the Baby


Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that men do not get pregnant, so their relationship with their kids will always be different from how women interact with them.

How Men and Women Indulge in the Moment


Guys aren’t really good at reading the signs that ladies give. It is probably because they are more focused on what’s ahead of them, whereas ladies always dwell in the moment and think about what’s next.

How Men and Women Cope with a Breakup


When a relationship ends, guys think everything’s fine. They drink their hearts out and pretend nothing happened. They even party their problems away. Then when they realize what just happened, it’s already too late. Ladies often cry in the first couple of weeks, but eventually, they are able to handle their emotions.

Men Mistake Love for Understanding


Oscar Wilde explained the dynamics of a relationship. He said, “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” Couldn’t have said it any better.



How Men and Women Prepare for a Travel


Honestly, men are short-term planners, especially when it comes to vacation. Given five minutes, a guy can put in everything he needs in one bag for a 3-day trip; whereas for a girl, she probably needs one huge room for all her stuff.

How to Turn on a Guy and a Girl


It’s safe to assume that most guys are easy to please, which is completely different than women as they are multifaceted beings. They always want things to happen at the right time and at the right moment. That is why guys feel so much satisfaction whenever they are able to make a woman happy, even if it is just for a short time.

How Men and Women Organize Things


Men have a unique method of organization, which makes it easy for them to find things when they actually need it. Although it looks like a mess, they think it’s the most organized way. In case you move away something, they will think it’s already gone forever.

How Men and Women Prepare for Work


When it comes to preparing for work, men has a three-step program. They shave, shower, then eat. It literally takes five minutes for them to get things done. But if we’re talking about ladies, five minutes is only a short time. They need to deal with lots of things than men. So when they say, “I only need five minutes,” don’t expect anything, that can mean five hours.



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