What Were They Thinking? Epic Eyebrow Failures!


Women—and effeminate men—know too well that eyebrows are carriers of beauty. You fail to fill them in the right way, your whole look is ruined. Drawing eyebrows is one of the worst frustrations of every girl.

But some people seem to take drawing eyebrows to a very odd level!

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Feathery moment

Did you travel that far? It’s so windy outside, eh?

That moment when . . .

Let the judge talk to your brows, then.


She loves her father so much she penned his mustache on her face.

He just felt like it

Just too much…

Because she wants to play with your mind

It’s either she wanted to play a trick, or she’s reserving the other if the first one fails. It makes sense.

 Square root of the perfect eyebrows?

Need Archimedes to decipher what she did in there.

Too straight to be true

This girl wanted to prove something

How to have a Groucho Marx look: get an eyebrow pencil and glide it over your brows until there’s no more charcoal left.

Which is which?

You look confused, angry, impressed, and shocked. So which is which?

You call it an accident?

Too bad no medicine can heal that.

We don’t need to part ways, do we?


Unity! They shout for unity!

While the previous one is letting go, you are having this super mega closeness. Is it too late to balance things?

A few dots here, a little more there

Thanks for providing a free board game for the kids.

Indeed, there’s a rainbow after the rain

Studies said that drawing rainbow can ease a person’s sadness. But pretty sure it did not say it should be drawn on your face.

You . . . did it

Wonder if Nike is going after copyright infringement.

More videos of eyebrow fails her.

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