Wife Films Husband Under Dental Anesthesia …What He Says Made Her Cry of Laughter


There are times when the results of going to the dentist turn out to be hilarious. Take this guy for example.

This man had to get his wisdom teeth removed, so he was put under dental anesthesia for the teeth to be extracted. But then when he started opening his mouth, here’s where you’ll find out that the after-effects of anesthesia can be completely unpredictable and very hilarious.

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The man in the video goes by the name Nick, and his wife accompanied him to the dentist. Nick had to be anesthetized because the dentist had to remove not just one but four wisdom teeth because there were “oddly placed nerves.”

While Nick looked in peace as his eyes were closed, he started mumbling a few words that are plainly odd and were entirely far from anything dental-related. But we have to admit, it’s truly amusing.


Nick had to be sedated with long-lasting dental anesthetics, like mepivacaine or marcaine, for the oral surgery to be successful. But the after-effects were just too funny that his wife started recording him saying a bunch of random things.


Some of the things that Nick talked about was how the cows disliked him, how he deserved a skateboard for behaving so well, and how his wife often takes advantage of him while he’s sleeping. He also tried to swallow because his mouth was dry and he ended up asking, “Did I swallow a tooth?”


On the way home, his wife continued to film him as he blabbered about other things, like why the streets are going into different directions, something about clouds, basketballs in his chocolate shakes, and so much more. Your stomach will definitely ache from laughing so hard at Nick’s hilarious situation.

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