Wife Fulfills Husband’s Greedy Wish in the Most Brilliant Way


Working eight hours a day five times a week is not easy. When we get there, we all cannot help but wish we were just students again. But earning money feels magical that we forget the forty hours we spend at the office.  It goes on for months and from merely wanting to provide ourselves and our family with basic daily needs, we go as far as buying all the things we want.

While some people love spending so much, some want to keep what they earned and not spending it at all, and here’s a man who loves money so much and too greedy to share it he asked his wife to bury it with him when he dies. But the wife, dumbfounded by her husband’s wish, found a way not to go along with her husband’s selfish wish but still granting it at the same time.

This widow’s husband is no one but a workaholic, working at every chance he got, and because he did, he believed that he had the right to keep all he earned for himself. He loved the every cent he earned so much that he wanted to be with them even in the afterlife. Perhaps believing that it was all right with his wife since they knew each other pretty well, the man asked his wife to do the honor of placing his wealth on top of his casket.

At the funeral, the wife was sitting with her best friend while the man, stretched out in a casket, was about to be buried deep down. Before the undertakers were about to completely close the casket and roll it down, the wife stood up and stopped them. She came near and placed a shoe box beside him.





The wife said she could not fathom not to grant his wish and sticking by her religious beliefs, she did what she was requested to do. Her best friend asked her if she did put everything there, she answered, ‘I sure did. I got it all together, put it into my account, and I wrote him a check.’

The story has long been circling around and might even be considered a classic anecdote, but this reminds us of one virtue we should practice: selflessness. We are not alone in this world. People exist around us for a reason, and that is to be able to share what we have. If we are too greedy that we cannot leave the things we cannot use anymore anyway, we will never see the beauty and self-joy and contentment sharing gives.


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