Woman Live-Tweets Neighbor’s Distracting Sex Session and Even Shares Audios of Moans


A woman got fed up with her next-door neighbor’s loud sex moans that she decided to live-tweet the whole sex session.

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Stacey Ritzen, a Philadelphia resident, was just working in her home when her neighbors started to get into a steamy intercourse.

Although Stacey tried to ignore the sensual groans, it was just way too distracting for her to continue her work, so she decided to just tweet the highlights of the raunchy afternoon delight with a journalistic touch.

It turns out that this isn’t the first time it happened. As Stacey said, “This happens literally all of the time. If she’s doing this purely to antagonize me, she’s in it for the long con.” She also recorded some audio bits of her neighbor’s sexy time.

Stacey thought that the whole fiasco was finally over, but after 20 minutes, it started again.

In the conclusion of her Twitter live report, people threw many questions at Stacey after they noticed that the last audio recording sounded like a person being killed. But Stacey assured her followers that everything was fine.

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