Wrecks $200,000 Exhibit

Woman Wrecks $200,000 Exhibit in Los Angeles After Taking a Selfie


Everyone has different opinions about the social media phenomenon known everywhere as “selfies.” If you have been living under a rock, you might have never heard of it, but a selfie is basically a photograph of yourself taken with the front camera of your portable device. While there are no rules for taking the perfect selfie, there are certain places you shouldn’t be taking one. Holocaust memorials, on the edge of mountains, in the presence of wild animals, and even funerals are all part of the list. You know what is another place you should not be taking a selfie? An art gallery.
Take it from this woman who had the audacity to take a selfie at an art gallery in Los Angeles. Her reckless actions eventually came with a price tag—a very pricey one at that.

Selfie-Taking Woman Wrecks $200,000 Exhibit

Selfies are dangerous. According to a 2015 study, selfies caused more deaths than sharks did that year. Halfway into 2016, there were already six selfie-related deaths. A majority of these cases involved people slipping off cliffs and getting hit by cars in an attempt to take the perfect selfie. Now $200,000 worth of priceless art is broken thanks to this woman who wanted to take advantage of the exhibit’s selfie-worthy lighting.

The camera-loving woman was attending artist Simon Birch‘s gallery at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles. In an attempt to snap a photograph of herself using her mobile phone, she perched down and began to lose balance. As a result, she stumbled backward, knocking over one of the pieces and created a domino effect in the process.

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Woman Taking Selfie

Although the CCTV footage was grainy, the woman can be seen freezing in horror. It may be a bit difficult to imagine what was going on inside her head as each of the priceless items fell.

Thankfully, no one was hurt from the incident. However, there have been reports that three of the sculptures on display were “permanently damaged.” There is no word about whether or not the company is planning to charge the woman for damaging the pieces.

Simon Birch’s works join a number of other artwork destroyed thanks to the selfie phenomenon. Just last May, a 120-year-old statue of Portugal “child king” Dom Sebastian in Lisbon was broken by a tourist who wanted to take a selfie.

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