Epic Moment Restaurant Workers Celebrate After Mistakenly Thinking They Hit Powerball Jackpot


Restaurant workers in New Jersey were disheartened when they were all ready to celebrate but learned thereafter that that they didn’t really win the $900 million jackpot.

The restaurant staff of Grissini Ristorante in Englewood Cliffs were ecstatic after they realized that their ticket numbers matched the winning combination of the Powerball lottery. Unfortunately, the supposed “winning” numbers of the staff were actually from a past drawing—which means, they didn’t win anything, not even a penny.

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A video shows the workers jumping, celebrating, and crying when they thought they won the lottery. One of them even threw the apron and quit. Others called their loved ones to inform them of the good news.


Twenty minutes later, a sad reality fell upon the workers. The winning numbers were from a previous raffle.

Apparently the Web site of Powerball wasn’t even updated yet of the winning combination for Saturday. It showed the Wednesday winning numbers instead, which was 2-11-47-62-63 (17), the same as what the workers had in their ticket.

After a few minutes, the Web site was then released the actual winning numbers for Saturday, which was 16-19-32-34-57 (13), a completely different combination of what the workers had.


Some of the staff described the revelation similar with the Miss Universe blunder in which Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Columbia as the winner of the pageant. When the commotion finally ended, the staff went back to their usual work routine as if nothing happened.

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