The Scariest Ghost Stories Shared on Reddit

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Reddit is a treasure trove of online content that can range from news stories and personal anecdotes to conspiracy theories and paranormal stories. We can liken Facebook to being the prime-time news show on the Internet, where all the mainstream issues of the day get hashed out. Twitter is the breaking news segment, where controversial issues and breaking news first gain mainstream traction. But Reddit is something different—it is the online community’s gossip segment, where issues that may or may not be true first appear as inoffensive little whispers by a community of insiders, until the issues grow bigger than themselves. Suddenly, with enough traction, these “whispers” find themselves on the front page of the Internet consisting of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and news websites of media organizations like the BBC and CNN.


Even if you’re one of those who scoff at sites like Reddit, you can’t deny that the platform itself is never lacking in interesting topics, no matter the particular subject matter you’re fond of. In short, you will never lack for a good time when you’re on a platform like Reddit. Case in point: if you’re particularly fond of scary stories, you will never run out of stories to spook the living daylights out of you. The following stories themselves have been known to scare not a few Reddit users and make them sleep with the lights on. What makes them even scarier? It’s the fact that they’re all true

Spookiest Paranormal Stories Shared on Reddit.

The Imaginary Childhood Friends


Many of us have had an imaginary friend at some point in our lives. Some of us grow out of it at some point when we grow bigger or gain more understanding about the world to the point that we forget that they ever existed. But for one Reddit user, he had not just one or two imaginary friends, but a multitude of them. And they turned out to be of the paranormal kind. Thankfully for him, his parents noticed right away when they would see him suddenly giggle or talk like he was talking to many children his own age when he was just alone in a room. They relocated right away, and later his father had the house torn down. In the wall where the user was often found talking to invisible beings, some bones of little children were found.

The Hound from Hell


This isn’t from Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle’s freaky story entitled “The Hound of the Baskervilles”—that was completely fiction. This was reality, and it happened not too long ago, as a certain Reddit user shared. “I was at a red light, and up ahead, I saw some sort of ghost dog cross the street and disappear. It was slightly transparent, and it moved effortlessly, like it was gliding almost. I discovered via the internet it is frequently observed and known as a ‘hellhound.’ I went back there…to look for it, and as I stopped under the streetlight, it flickered off.” So what was it then? Was it the ghost of a dead dog who existed in previous times? Or was it one of those instances where we are accorded a glimpse of an alternative world or realm, and the hound dog belonged to such a parallel reality? We can never know for sure.

The Whispering Woman


Imagine having a spooky encounter right before you went to sleep. That would be enough to wake you up, right? But a certain Reddit user had that exact experience when he was lying in bed. Although the user is likely to credit his experience to that “in between being asleep and being awake” mind-set that all of us experience, he’s had the experience too many times that he’s beginning to doubt his initial conclusion. For around 20 times in a year, he’s heard the voice of a woman whisper from around the corner of his bedroom, near where the bathroom is. On one instance, he heard her whisper his name; and on another, he heard her distinctly say, “I don’t think you should do that.” Creepy, right? But here’s what makes it even more spine-chilling: at the time he heard her say it, he was lying in bed completely still and wasn’t doing anything. So who was the woman talking to? Was it to another ghostly figure? The thought alone is enough to make one jump out of bed at night.

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