These Guys Defined the ’90s in these Hilarious Throw-Back Pics, Remember Them?

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For people who were born in the later part of the ’70s and during the entire ’80s, the ’90s were probably the best years of their lives. Not only was this the decade of really cool and meaningful music, movies, and TV shows, it was also the time of some of the generation’s hippest heroes. And, some of them are mentioned below:

Pete and Pete

Big Pete and Little Pete were probably the coolest dudes of the ’90s, even Endless Mike would agree. Both are Krebstar products and they are definitely their very own personal superheroes.

King Surge

Those who were around during the ’90s definitely knows that we drank our soft drinks a bit distinctly.

Matt Groening

Now, this list can never be considered absolute if the man who created The Bartman wouldn’t be a part of it.

Pog World Champion

Yes, Pog leagues were very much real during the ’90s, and it only shows that anything could literally anything could get famous during this time.

Cool Old Beanie Baby Collector

Saxophone-Playing Bill Clinton

The real reason Bill Clinton was elected for president was because we simply desired to see if he’d ever finish a State of the Union by doing a cover of Baker Street.

We’re still eagerly expecting it.

Uncle Joey

The ’90s had an uncle that was a stand-up comedian and had a talking woodchuck with him. His name was Uncle Joey. Now, the decade hasn’t gazed upon a dude with so much awesomeness in him, since the time Ice T and Vanilla Ice fell into the identical soft serve contraption.

Graveyard Goth Kids

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Aside from starring an extremely cool movie, The Tooth Fairy, “The People’s Champion” in this ’90s picture may have a fannypack and jheri curl, but he’s still able to pull them off as both chic and cool.

The match point? ’00s Rock.

Kurt Loder

Kurt Loder was the lead anchor of MTV News and was also the one accountable for notifying teenagers about principal world events with a laid-back and cool-edged approach. To be honest, if there’s one thing I want out of my newscasters, its that they’re not monotonous and robotic.

Skateboard and Bandana Kid

This kid was the epitome of cool. Although we all know that the Gushers corporation was merely PITCHING endorsement deals at this awesome child.

Ed Lover and the Other Dr. Dre

You thought there was only Dr. Dre? Well, you are wrong. During the ’90s, there were not one, but two prominent Dr. Dres and both were featured on MTV and their impact in the rap industry was very big. It was absolute mayhem.

Joe Boxer Firefighter

As we all know, pants were nullified and not a single soul was fond of it during this time. However, Joe Boxer was there. Joe Boxer aided us to pass such a turbulent time.


Wario was and still is the coolest dude of the ’90s. He was a motorcyle-riding bad boy and he had a passionate hatred for Mario and he was a treasure hunter as well. I like Mario, but you got to love an amazing villain.

Nintendo Mullet Kid

This kid would have been the talk of the town at the 1992 Democratic National Convention simply because of his neon green hat, bewildered half-thumbs-up, collection of Nintendo memorabilia, and his signature mullet.

The Creators of Zubaz

This weird zebra-printed shorts were mostly worn by bodybuilders at the time. Imagine yourself going to the gym at wearing this hip and colorful shorts. Well, it might not be as ‘cool’ in today’s standards, but Zubaz was definitely popular in the ’90s.

The Green Ranger

During the ’90s, teenagers were crazy about superheroes who wore skin-tight bodysuits and fought aliens. But the guy who wielded the Dragonzord was their James Dean.

Kid Rock

The country music genre was taken to a whole new level during the ’90s.

Internet Kid

These kids were really awesome in the ’90s. With their flying keyboards, they literally surfed the constellations using them. But, there’s one distinct feature in this one… is his mouse plugged in to the keyboard?

Will Sasso Dressed like Fred Durst

Want the lead singer of Limp Bizkit without all of that eerie Durst-ee aftertaste? We have Will Sasso for you.

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