Harry Potter Fans Are Leaving Socks on the Warner Bros Studio Tour …Find Out Why!


If you’re a true Harry Potter fan, then it’s time to grab your socks and head to London. Why? Because Dobby is in a glass cage at Warner Bros Studios, and a true fan knows that he deserves to be free. So, Potterheads, time to go and free him!

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Supporters have been leaving their offerings over the Dobby model’s placard and sharing photos of their good deed on social media. A lot of fans want the brave house elf from J. K. Rowling‘s magical books to be free.

A little trivia for you: a house elf can only be freed if his master is generous enough to give him clothes. Now noticeably, there is a growing number of socks in where Dobby is now kept because everyone knows his favorite piece of clothing is a sock.

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