Hero Who Saved Lives in Beirut Bombings …What the Media Isn’t Telling You

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With the recent terrorist attacks that took the lives of 140+people plus scores of injured in Paris remains the center of attention in social media, TV news reports, and newspapers. Little does the world know that before the Paris attacks, there was the bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, which killed at least 43 people and gave birth to an unsung heroAdel Termos.

It was November 12, 2015, when the double suicide bombings took place leaving many dead.

Despite minimal damage, the bottomline, there were still 43 casualties and over 200 injured due to the blasts. The responsibility for the bombings were later claimed by ISIS.



But there’s a story of a single man that is now being spread across the Web. The bombings could have taken more lives—if not for Termos.

Public Radio International reported that Adel Termos was there when the first bomb was just about to be detonated. The broadcaster further explained and said, “He made a split-second decision that saved countless lives.”

Elie Fares, a local blogger, mentioned to the broadcaster that the second suicide bomber detonated after Termos tackled him. He also said, “There are many many families, hundreds of families probably, who owe their lives to his sacrifice.”



Termos’s body was carried around the village of Tallusa on the day of his funeral on November 13, 2015. His wife and children filled with grief.

Since Termos’s sacrifice and the twin bombings in Beirut didn’t garner the same attention Paris is getting, there have been a lot of negative comments and thoughts shared across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As of the moment, over one million refugees from Syria are staying in Lebanon. Within the past two and a half years, the country has encountered several terrorist attacks. Although this was only the second one claimed by ISIS, the infamous group is showing signs that it is expanding its scope because they have also recently claimed responsibility for an attack on a Russian airliner.

Adel Termos was man of incredible bravery and courage. He is proof that amid a world that is crumbling, there are still people willing to lay their lives on the line just so they could save others.



Here are videos below. (Note: These videos might be upsetting.)

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